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Sustainability on the Schmitten
Die einzige EMAS-zertifizierte Seilbahn in Europa!

Sustainable measures for the protection of the environment on Zell’s landmark mountain

For the future of the Zell am See – Kaprun region

Respectful use of natural resources plays an important role at Schmittenhöhebahn AG. Because only if nature and thus the local flora and fauna are treated with respect is it possible to preserve our magnificent surroundings for future generations.

The Ecology Advisory Council of the Schmittenhöhebahn AG

In 2011, an Ecology Advisory Council was founded. Its task: to advise the board of the cable car company and support them in important decisions. The Ecology Advisory Council was particularly helpful when it came to identifying sensitive natural areas on the Schmitten and deriving appropriate protection measures.

Members of the Ecology Advisory Council:

  • Dr. Helmut Wittmann
  • Univ. Prof. Dr. Ulrike Pröbstl
  • DI Fritz Pichler

Schmittenhöhebahn AG in the service of sustainability

For more than ten years, the Schmittenhöhebahn AG has been active in the protection of people and the environment. In this context, the three-pillar model of sustainability plays an important role. The construct regulates how sustainability is to be implemented in the areas of economy, ecology and social issues. The following measures have already been successfully implemented:

  • Ecological sustainability: Summer management of the meadows on the Schmitten ensures the preservation of the biodiversity on the Schmitten.
  • Social sustainabilityAt Schmittenhöhebahn AG, every employee has the opportunity for targeted further training. In addition, the company attaches great importance to gender equality. Celina Schuster, for example, is aiming for a career in the rather male-dominated cable car industry after completing her apprenticeship. She has the full support of the company in this endeavour.
  • Economic sustainability: Schmittenhöhebahn AG regularly participates in non-profit projects that contribute to the continued existence of natural resources on and around Zell’s landmark mountain..

All measures already implemented as well as the current goals are summarised in the environmental report.

Current sustainability topics of the Schmittenhöhebahn AG

Ob das Projekt : Die Schmittenhöhebahn AG beteiligt sich laufend an umweltfreundlichen Aktivitäten. Durch Magazinbeiträge und Pressemeldungen werden Gäste sowie Interessenten über alle Entwicklungen informiert.

Whether it’s the “Wild und kultiviert” project or the “Respektiere deine Grenzen” initiative: Schmittenhöhebahn AG is constantly involved in environmentally friendly activities. Magazine articles and press releases keep guests and stakeholders up to date on all developments.

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Other areas in which Schmittenhöhebahn AG fosters sustainability

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