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Sustainable marketing at the Schmittenhöhebahn AG

Regional partners, sustainable advertising media and green events

What do advertising materials produced from recycled paper and events organised as “green events” have in common? They are initiatives in the field of sustainable marketing and are carried out by Schmittenhöhebahn AG.

Sustainable marketing: What does that mean?

Sustainable marketing refers to solutions that are used to address ecological and social challenges. The aim is to achieve a competitive advantage and thus attract more customers.

When developing a sustainable marketing strategy, companies often consult the three-pillar model for support.

The other two areas concern the following topics:

  • Economic responsibility: the need for sustainable and future-proof business models to achieve financial stability
  • Ecological responsibility: the focus on environmentally friendly business activities to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption
  • Social responsibility: the fair and equal treatment of all employees and suppliers

First the work, then the communication: In terms of a transparent customer dialogue, it is important to communicate the implemented measures to the target groups via appropriate channels.

Sustainable marketing activities

Information brochures, flyers and leaflets: In the production of advertising material, Schmittenhöhebahn AG increasingly relies on recycled paper that has received the Austrian Ecolabel.

Other certifications for Schmittenhöhebahn AG’s printed media include FSC and PEFC certifications. Both help to identify paper products that originate from active and sustainable forestry.

Public relations

An important part of marketing is public relations. The Schmittenhöhebahn AG regularly implements environmentally friendly measures, which are communicated in press releases.

The sustainability website and a separate thematic section in the guest magazine serve to improve customer information on environmental issues.

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Long-term regional partners for marketing activities

The paper for the advertising materials comes from forests that are managed according to special ecological and social criteria. The printers who process it into brochures and other printed matter on behalf of the Schmittenhöhebahn AG are mostly located in the province of Salzburg. 

Shootings and campaigns are consistently carried out in cooperation with regional photographers and agencies. You can read all about what a photo shoot on the Schmitten looks like in our magazine.

All certificates at a glance

“Green events” at Schmittenhöhebahn AG

Since 2017, the Annual General Meeting of Schmittenhöhebahn AG has been held as a “green event” at the Ferry Porsche Congress Center in Zell am See.

This event format is environmentally friendly because ...

  • ... a resource-saving journey by public transport is possible, or compensation payments are offered to offset the CO2 emissions.
  • ... waste generation is largely avoided, and there are numerous possibilities for proper waste separation.
  • ... environmentally certified accommodation is recommended to overnight guests.

“Green” leisure activities on the Schmitten

Of course, visitors to the Schmittenhöhe also enjoy experiences that “get the green light”: At the E-Motocross Park, for instance, environmentally conscious motorsports enthusiasts can hit the course with bikes giving off zero emissions. And on a “Kraut & Ruam” hike, visitors learn valuable tips and tricks for collecting and processing native wild herbs.

Other areas in which Schmittenhöhebahn AG fosters sustainability

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